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Wind, Cold & Damp Syndrome Remedies

Stuck on the slopes? Hurting while hailing a cab in the hail? Does your knee let you know when it's going to rain?

Winter aches and pains are easily treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities that have been warming the cold for millennia.

At Elixir Lifestyle Medicine, we utilize topical and internal remedies to treat what we would refer to as Wind, Cold and Damp Syndromes:

1) Cupping, which is all the rage for elite athletes and weekend warriors, is used to release the muscle layer, soothing stiff necks and low backs.

2) Moxibustion (the burning of an herbal "cigar" over specific acupuncture points) adds warmth to your body and is clinically proven to raise red and white blood cells; working on heating you up while boosting your immunity.

3) We have hundreds of Traditional Chinese Herbal Remedies that reduce pain and warm you up from the inside out.

4) Traditional Chinese Medicine Topical Balms and liniments work from the outside in, soothing aching muscles and loosening tight joints.

5) Acupuncture with warm needles reduces weather related pain, too.

Book an appointment now, to keep you active through the winter months! Just give us a call at 805-644-1064 or visit to learn more.


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