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Dr. Stace Nelson-Hicks discusses, "Cancer-Causing Chemical Found in Crops" | Eat This Not That

Dr. Stace Nelson-Hicks, DACM, L.Ac., CFMP tells us, "Glyphosate is the main reason I suggest that my patients eat organic foods as much as possible. And, as an aside, Glyphosate is used as a desiccant in tobacco, so smokers are also at an increased risk of ill health and not just from the act of smoking.

When I have a patient whose symptoms don't make sense: Chronic Fatigue, Digestive issues, unexplained pain (including migraines) and even aplastic anemia, I routinely test for Glyphosate. Great Plains laboratories offer a urinalysis to determine whether or not a person has been exposed and how much remains in their systems."

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